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As dating sites multiply, it’s not always clear which one should get our attention. Indeed, there are a legion of dating sites, some less serious than others. 10-love-dating-websites.com offers you rankings, site reviews and articles to help you in your search for love on the internet.

Our mission is therefore to guide you, according to your expectations, your tastes, your visions of life. Because we believe that life is an encounter, and that for an encounter to happen it must be created, we help you along this path.

Nevertheless, dating sites have been able to diversify and provide answers to each of these situations. Indeed, still a little taboo about fifteen years ago, dating sites have become commonplace, and you must have in your entourage one or more couples who met through this means.

They have entered the morals, first of all by their efficiency. Indeed, at the same time that the causes of celibacy have multiplied, the possibility of meeting new people has diminished. Social networks, sometimes even simply the social framework or shyness have led to a relative withdrawal into close people to the detriment of meeting others.

It is on this fertile ground that the first meeting sites were developed. Breaking down the barriers imposed by shyness or lack of time, they created links between singles who wanted long and serious relationships. They are a protected space in which one can openly declare that one is looking for the chosen one of one’s heart. The confidentiality of the internet is also conducive to confidentiality and therefore to creating quick connections among these singles.

This first phase of development of dating sites has allowed everyone to find love, but the importance of the number of singles has also allowed the development of sites dedicated to specific categories of singles. This also has the impact of wanting to develop a more exhaustive list of dating sites.

This exhaustiveness is all the more necessary since today the universe of encounter is not a monolithic universe. Indeed, over the last few years many “thematic” sites have appeared. Think in particular of the senior dating sites of which Say Tomorrow is a perfect example. With profound changes in the lives of couples, many people over 50 years old found themselves single. Dating sites aimed at senior citizens therefore appear to be a response to this new phenomenon. Senior citizens do not have the same research as people in their thirties, so it was logical that a site should meet their specific expectations.

But this wave of thematic sites is not limited to seniors only, on the contrary, we also find the emergence of a new category, namely elitist dating sites. These aim to bring together demanding singles, so that they can find the right shoes for them. This is the case of Elite Rencontre, for example. Intended for people with strong demands, it allows them to find the partner who corresponds to them both socially and personally. Attractive World also follows this trend.

But in this search for the correspondence between two beings, the last notable push is that of affinity dating sites. Edarling and be2 are part of this last category. By relying on psychological and social sciences, they propose to bring together scientifically compatible personalities. Based on personality tests validated by scientific personalities, these dating sites are of a new kind, they link the magic of love to the rationality of science.

This quick overview of the main meeting sites allows us to understand how the landscape of the latter has evolved over the last few years. And that’s the whole reason for the existence of a site like ours. To present you personalized rankings according to your situation, your criteria. Because in itself there is not a single good dating site, but there are sites responding to various situations. Whether you are a senior, a thirty-year-old, looking for specific criteria, or open to the discovery of the other, you will find the site that suits you. Love can be everywhere, but to find it, you need the right tools.